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Intimate. Unique. Unforgettable.

Turn your vacation into the trip of a lifetime with Celebrity Exclusives—an array of experiences designed to immerse you in the sights, sounds, and flavors of your destination.

Accelerate along the thrilling switchbacks of the French Riviera in a thundering red Ferrari. Glide with the wind in a hot air balloon above the gorgeous Tuscan countryside as the sun melts mountain mist. Soar, dip and circle in a classic de Havilland seaplane for a birds-eye view of five stunning Alaskan glaciers.

These intimate experiences are tailored to a privileged few. Ask our expert onboard, the Destination Concierge, who can customize one of these experiences into the most perfect day of your life.


Experience culture, cuisine, entertainment, adventure, sightseeing, romance and more!

Why Alexander Travel?


Alexander Travel is a one-stop comprehensive agency dedicated to servicing the many needs of today’s travelers.  By staying up-to-date on the latest travel trends and information, the consultants here can help in arranging a variety of travel services.  Weekly, on-going educational meetings keep the consultants up-to date on this ever changing industry.
Whether your plans involve an exotic adventure, corporate group package or a flight to visit family or friends the consultants at Alexander Travel can do the work so you enjoy your trip.